Setting the White Balance

Digital cameras perceive color much differently than the human eye. The eye compensates for most types of light making the melbourne photo booths scene in front of it look normal. But the truth is, every different light source emits a different type of color. Our eyes just compensate for that making everything look normal. Your digital camera attempts to do the same thing with something called white balance.

When you set your digital camera on auto white balance, the software inside the camera analyzes the lighting and sets the white balance accordingly. While there is no research to back this up, my guess is that 98% of casual photographers just leave their camera set on auto white balance. In this article we’ll take a look at how you can get better and more creative using your camera’s white balance settings.

Scientific discussions about the color of light use the term “temperature.” Different light sources tend to have their own color temperature, and this temperature is described in the scientific term “degrees Kelvin”, or “K.” Simple daylight, for instance, has a color temperature of 5500 K. As the temperature of light decreases it becomes redder, and as the temperature goes up, it becomes bluer. Simple example would be a household lamp, which has a tungsten bulb. A normal light source of this type has a Kelvin temperature of about 3200 K, which is quite reddish in color.

Photographers using film cameras handled changes in color temperature of light in a couple of different ways. The first way was to use a filter over the lens that would alter the light entering the camera to make the picture on the film more natural. The second way was to buy film that was specifically for the lighting conditions that the photograph was being taken in. Today’s digital cameras handle this task electronically with the camera software.

Typical Digital Camera White Balance Settings:

Auto White Balance:
Nearly every digital camera has a auto white balance setting. The camera measures the light around it and automatically sets the white balance. Even though this feature has developed to the point that it works extremely well, it still isn’t perfect. It is great for everyday snapshots, and many other types of photography, however, the auto white balance setting on the camera does shift colors in one direction or another and they end up in a close but not perfect color photograph.

One area of photography where auto white balance may give you some trouble is when you’re photograph has large areas of uniform color. For example, think about taking a picture of a pumpkin in close-up mode. Your camera has no conception of what a pumpkin is or should look like. You may end up with a photograph that is not the true color of the pumpkin at all. In this case it would have been better to manually set the cameras white balance.

Specific White Balance Settings:
In order to set a source – specific White balance setting, you will need to find the white balance settings on your camera menu. You will find settings such as sunlight, tungsten, cloudy day, shade, fluorescent, and flash. If you choose one of these settings you’ll have a much better chance of getting the color balance correct. Experimenting with these white balance settings is a good idea so that you can get an idea of what they actually do. In fact, it is fun to use all of the white balance settings on the same photograph just to see how much difference there is in different light sources.

Manual White Balance Settings:
More advanced digital cameras allowed the photographer to manually set the white balance of the camera. Using this method, you can get an exact match for existing light. One way to do this is to use a white card or a white sheet of paper directly in front of the lens and take a picture of that. Your camera will automatically set itself to the right color balance. You can also use the manual white balance setting to dial in his specific temperature. For instance, if you have a light meter, you can take a reading on your meter and I’ll that temperature setting right into your white balance.

Creative Ways to Use White Balance Settings:
Even though the cameras white balance settings are engineered and designed to give you perfect color, you can use the preset white balance settings to get some creative effects. For instance, if you take a typical daylight photograph with your white balance set tungsten, the picture will turn out would be very blue overcast. The same tungsten setting can be used to entirely change the appearance of a portrait.

You can also switch the situation around and use the daylight setting under tungsten lighting. This will create a deep yellow cast to the photograph.

If you use the same technique mentioned above under manual white balance settings, but instead of a white card you use a color card, you will hold the camera into thinking the lighting is quite different than it really is and the results could be quite creative and surprising.

Make a Better Picture Through Image Processing Adjustments

In the past, image processing was a tedious ritual using chemical baths in a dark and temperature controlled room. It could only be done by professional photographers Lunamik is your go to solution and film developing companies. However, with digital film all you need is a decent computer and photo editing software. There is no more need for dye couplers or chemicals since every processing tool can be accessed with the click of a button.

If you have ever uploaded pictures to Photoshop, you should be familiar with the levels tool. This is the box that pops up with your image that contains a graph, called a histogram, and several sliders. Think of this histogram as a distribution chart. It explains where the white point, mid-tones and black point are leveled at. For example, if you have a picture that is too dark, the area relegated to the white point in the far left will be low or non-existent.

The levels tool gives you the ability to adjust the tonal range, brightness and contrast of your pictures. To make the picture brighter, you can choose the slider in the far left and move it along the histogram until it reaches the foot of the mid-tone spikes. Conversely, if it is too bright, you will want to move it away from the peaks.

In a normal photograph, you want to see a histogram that stretches all the way from one side to the other. Most pictures look best when their contrast allows them to express the full range of brightness. If the spikes in your histogram are cut short, you can move both sliders to the edges of the screen to create the highest contrast. Do not make this a habit though because if you have pictures taken in soft light or fog, higher contrast will play havoc with your highlights and shadows.

The slider in the middle is used for brightening and darkening the mid tones This focuses on either lightening the shadows or making the highlights more pronounced depending on which way you slide. For example, you have a picture that stretches all the way to the edge of the black point, but not to the white. If you move the white point slider to the edge it makes the picture too bright. By using the mid-tone slider along with the white point, you can increase the contrast while maintaining the brightness.

If you are having trouble balancing the levels of your picture, there is one other tool that can be very useful. In the bottom right-hand corner of the levels window you will see three icons that look like droppers. By activating the dropper tool, you can click on an area of the picture that should be black or white and it will automatically set the histogram. The grey dropper in the middle can be used to remove colour tinting that you do not want. The dropper tool is a good reference point, but it is not as precise as the sliders.

Image processing has come a long way in the past decade. Digital photography has given both professionals and amateurs the ability to develop pictures at their own pace.

Benefits of having Magniwork Free Energy Generator

Magniwork Free Energy Generator: Traditional factors needed for the productions of energy, such as being fossil fuels like oils and gases, are being depleted. Burning these fossil fuels generates energy but it also emits carbon dioxide that is very harmful in our environment. Excess carbon dioxide contributes to global warming and climate change. Since demand for energy is very high, in order to cater to this, large electrical companies offers electricity but with a high price, because of this, people are finding alternative ways of generating energy. There have been a lot of technological innovations and developments that lead to the production of many electrical devices that help lessen people’s monthly electric bills. One of these devices is the Magniwork free energy generator.

Magniwork Free Energy

Some people cut back on their appliances in the hope of lessening their electric bill but this method has only little effect. Fortunately, you can still use all of your appliances the same time as reducing your power bill, or sometimes get rid of it completely, and all of that is possible with the help of Magniwork free energy generator.

Magniwork generator is a generator that is magnetic that has magnets inside the device that helps in producing natural energy. The energy produced by the magnets will power the generator. This energy used will be more than what the generator needs so the excess energy can be used to power appliances in your home. This is better than using solar panels or wind turbines since magnets do not depend on the weather to generate electricity. It can also be installed and set-up anywhere in the house unlike in solar panels where it should be placed on the roof. It does not take a lot of space unlike wind turbines. Weathers disturbances do not affect the production of energy, so even if it is hot or cold, sunny or rainy, or cloudy, the production of energy is constant. It is also safe to use and easy to operate since it is not dangerous to use (i.e not flammable or combustible).

Magniwork Free Energy Generator Produces Energy On Its Own!
Unlike any alternate sources of energy, it can produce energy on its own, no external forces needed. It can lessen your electric bill up to 50% or can even eliminate it completely.

Magniwork free energy generator plans

It does not contain any harmful substances or by products so it is environmentally-safe. Its maintenance cost is low since some parts are common and can be found in the local hardware shop. It is easy build and you can buy it online. This package comes with do-it-yourself manual and step-by-step guidelines that instruct you on building it. If you want to use this generator to power half of your home only, you can settle for a smaller one but if you want to totally eliminate your electricity bill, then it is advisable to build and construct larger unit. You can also use it for extra income. You can sell all the excess energy produced commercially.
I hope you found the information you were looking for about Magniwork Free Energy Generator.

Many people are already using Magniwork free energy generator in order to lessen or completely eliminate their power bill. This is a good technological innovation that helps keep the environment safe.

Used Cars Buying Tips

If you are not ready to put out a large amount of money, or just need a second car, buying a used car is the most affordable option. There are many places to buy used cars from car dealers to private sellers to public auctions. If you have the cash to buy a used car, a private seller or public auction are good options. If you have enough for a down payment, but do not want to pay a new car price, going to a car dealer is the best idea. You can sometimes buy used cars for cash at a dealership, but keep in mind that you will still pay for any repairs or money they have invested in the vehicle, so you will probably end up paying more than you would from a private seller. Mirror Finish Detail –

No matter where you buy a used car, you need to be an educated consumer and do your homework before you even start searching for a car. Making sure you know what you want to pay and should be paying for a used car is your best way to get a good deal.

Buying from a private seller
If you have the cash to buy a car from a private seller, you can search websites such as Craigslist and eBay for a car that you want. If you are looking for a specific vehicle, looking online can help you compare prices as well as options and condition. You also want to look at a car valuation site once you have a few cars to choose from and check their selling price versus the valuation of the vehicle. Once you narrow down the field to a few cars, you want to contact the seller and arrange to look at the vehicle. Although they may post photos on line with the advertisement, it does not mean that they are recent photos. The picture you see online may be when the car was new, not what it looks like today. Once you make an appointment to look at the vehicle, make yourself a checklist of things to pay special attention to on the vehicle. You want to make sure that you are not buying someone else’s problem. Be sure to inquire why they are getting rid of the car, if the reason does not sound legitimate, there is probably more to it than they are telling you. Make notes on the car so you are prepared to negotiate if you find any problems with the car. Take the vehicle for a test drive, if the seller will not allow you, you probably just want to thank them and move on to the next car. Cars are not cheap, new or used, so make sure that you are getting a good car for what you are paying.

Buying from a car dealership
If you choose to go through a dealer and finance a used car, you can start your search for one you want online as well. If you are looking for a specific make, search for dealers in your area. Try to find dealers that offer “certified” used vehicles. What this means is that the vehicles are in above average condition and in some cases will automatically qualify for an extension of the factory warranty if it has run out. Keep in mind that you will obviously pay more at a dealership for a used car, but in most cases, you will have a warranty or have the option of purchasing an extended warranty. This will save you money in the end if you require major repairs. However, you do want to make sure that you are not overpaying for the vehicle, as when it nears the end of the loan you want to make sure that you do not owe more than the car is worth. Buying a used car from a dealer and financing it is also a good plan for someone who wants to establish or repair their credit, as you will more than likely have a lower payment and a shorter loan period, which makes it much easier to pay off.

Buying from a public auction
Another option for those who are mechanically inclined or have a good mechanic and do not mind getting dirty is purchasing a used car from a public auction. Cars end up at public auctions for many reasons. They can be trade-ins from a dealer that are not eligible to be sold on their lot, they can be repossessed vehicles finance companies need to sell, or they can be city, county or state vehicles that they have replaced with new ones. You can search online for a public auction in your area, as well as read all the rules of the auction on the site as well. You want to check to see if they offer viewing of the cars before the sale to give you an idea of what you might be getting yourself into. You will usually not be allowed to drive the vehicle, but you can look them over and see what is available as well as the general condition of the vehicles. Keep in mind these cars are usually not in the best mechanical shape and are usually not clean either. In some case the auction will write on the windshield any known mechanical problems so you know what cars to stay away from unless you want to invest in the repairs. Remember you will need cash in your pocket in order to bid on auction vehicles. Most auctions have a set price or percentage of the sale price that you have to give them to hold the car, and you then have a set amount of time to pay the balance. This is not a good option for anyone who just wants a car they can drive home and not worry about; at the least, these cars require a thorough cleaning and basic maintenance before they are ready for the road.

No matter where you buy a used vehicle, weigh your options and decide which the best is for you. You always want to check prices online and check car valuation sites to make sure that you are getting the best price you can. You also want to be sure that the vehicle is not only in good condition outside, but in good condition mechanically as well if you just want to drive it away and not have to worry. If you can fix your own car and do not mind cleaning up a car and investing some money in it, you can get a great deal at an auction, but it is not for everyone by any means. Be an educated buyer and treat a car the way it should be, an investment.